Aged Care Job Roles

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    Types of Aged Care Work and Jobs

    Demand for aged care services is growing rapidly. There are many front line care roles in the industry, which involve working directly with the elderly to provide essential care services.

    Aged Care Job Roles

    Assistant in Nursing

    • • Provide care to elderly in hospitals and nursing homes
    • • May provide assistance in moving elderly, making beds, feeding patients, grooming and other general daily tasks
    • • Assist the elderly in and out of their beds
    • • Provide care and support for individuals with dementia
    • • Operate in a culturally diverse back ground with residents and co-workers
    • • Check blood pressure and apply and change dressings
    • • Report changes in a client’s condition to supervisors

    Personal Care Assistant

    • • Work in the community, in an elderly persons home or residential aged care community
    • • Improve the quality of life of an older person helping them maintain their independence, health and well being
    • • Assist with personal hygiene, mobility and taking medications
    • • Provide individualised care based on the clients need for support or assistance in daily living
    • • Assist with day to day tasks such as medical appointments or shopping
    • • Assist with rehabilitation exercises and basic treatment

    Community Support Worker

    • • Help clients in their own home to function safely and independently
    • • Facilitate physical, recreational, social and educational activities
    • • Assist with basic tasks such as cooking, attending appointments and providing transportation
    • • Provide emotional support
    • • Ensure all medication is administered
    • • Assist with personal hygiene and grooming

    Disability Service Worker

    • • Offer support and services to those remaining in their own home but need care provided
    • • Tend to the needs of people with disabilities
    • • Plan, develop and implement education and training programs and monitor the progress these encourage
    • • Help clients move and communicate

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