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36 Resume Writing Tips

2 Comments   Posted: 23/07/14   by William Cowie

    Your resume is an fundamental and essential tool for your job hunt. At some point in every job application process, someone will want to have a look at your resume. This document is a reflection of you; not just the information in it, but how you present it too. So how do you make your resume top Read the full post

    Last Minute Tax Checklist!

    0 Comments   Posted: 25/06/14   by William Cowie

      Learn how to get tax deductions by enroling in a training course

      Have you remembered everything you need to do this financial year? This is the last chance to make any payments this financial year so you can claim tax deductions in the new financial year! Here are a few common tax deductions and payments many Australians are able to claim: 1. Enrol in Education and Training Sign Read the full post

      Don’t Miss Out on Your Self-Education Tax Deduction This Year

      1 Comment   Posted: 29/05/14   by William Cowie

        Get tax deductions from your self-education career courses

        If you want to reduce your yearly tax bill, taking up training courses is one of the best things you can do. Not only can you enhance your career by learning how to take on additional roles and responsibilities, you can decrease the amount of tax you pay! This is a great incentive to study relevant Read the full post

        Top Rated Jobs in Australia

        0 Comments   Posted: 06/05/14   by Inspire Media

          Find out what the Top Rated Jobs in Australia are

          A college degree is not always an assurance of finding a job that pays well. The skills in demand now may not be valuable or useful in just a few years time. In choosing a course, there are many factors that should be taken into account. Failing to get a job after graduation could be Read the full post

          10 Ways to Study Smart [INFOGRAPHIC]

          0 Comments   Posted: 21/02/14   by Natalie Hoerner

            When you’re studying online it can be difficult to get into the swing of things. And if it’s been more than a few years since you were last in a school classroom, the thought of sitting down and hitting the books can be even more daunting. It’s probably safe to say that nearly everyone starting Read the full post

            Tips from Centenarians: How to Live A Longer Life

            0 Comments   Posted: 19/02/14   by Natalie Hoerner


              What would you do if you lived past 100? It’s not too far a stretch to say that a lot of people want to live forever. Many spend their lives looking for the mystery cure to aging, the magical fountain of youth. But what if the answer is simpler than we all think? The Australia Read the full post

              How course clustering saves you time and effort

              0 Comments   Posted: 17/01/14   by William Cowie

                How course clustering saves you time and effort

                Clustering units in course helps improve the learning experience for you. It is designed to improve the quality of the learning and assessment experience. It can also speed up your pace of study. Clustering can help you with: • Making sense of new skills and knowledge; • Drawing out the most important skills, concepts, information and relationships Read the full post

                What is competency based training?

                0 Comments   Posted: 09/01/14   by William Cowie

                  What is competency based training?

                  Competency based training (CBT) is a style of education that focuses on what you can achieve in the workplace after completing a course, or because of your workplace training and experience. Competency based training, also known as competency based learning, is the recognised training method for vocational training in Australia. It was introduced to Australia Read the full post

                  Scholarships, Grants, Awards and Study Assistance in Australia

                  4 Comments   Posted: 06/11/13   by William Cowie

                    Find out what scholarships, grants, and study assistance you can get in Australia

                    National Scholarships, Grants, Awards and Study Assistance Australians are fortunate to enjoy a high level of scholarships, awards, grants and other support to achieve our educational goals. Knowing where and when you can apply for and claim these benefits isn’t always so easy. To help you find your scholarship, grant, award or other benefits, we’ve compiled Read the full post

                    Recovering from job loss

                    2 Comments   Posted: 06/11/13   by William Cowie

                      Recovering from job loss

                      Just experienced a job loss? You have our deepest sympathies. There are many reasons for job loss: firing, layoffs, redundancy, illness, injury, end of contract, business failure, or technological change to your industry. Natural disasters can wipe out a business or industry overnight. You might have had to quit due to personal circumstances or to Read the full post

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