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Vocational Education and Training Professional Associations

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    See which Vocational Education and Training Organization represents you in Australia and worldiwde

    If you’re a professional in the Australian vocational training industry, or wider education industry, you might be looking for an association that can represent you and/or your training organisation in the VET community. Many associations also offer other significant benefits to their members, such networking opportunities, professional development services, training & education, conferences, and more.

    Joining these associations is optional, but membership in an association can offer you many useful professional services, and can be a way to demonstrate your support for, and help you to have your voice heard in, the vocational training sector.


    VET Associations for Vocational Education Trainers & Practitioners


    AUSTAFE is a professional association committed to promoting excellent in Australia’s Vocational Education and Training industry and develop leaders within the TAFE system. It is a network for Technical and Further Education (TAFE) professionals. Their focus is promoting partnerships between all VET stakeholders and is a forum for the exchange of ideas and views relating to Vocational Edcuation and Training in Australia. It also offers professional development opportunities to its members.


    VETnetwork Australia

    VETnetwork Australia is a national network of trainers, teachers, program coordinators, career advisors, and administrative and support personnel committed to vocational learning and youth transition. VETnetwork Australia has members in all states and territories. Members are also drawn from teaching, training and career advisory sectors, including the Government, Independent and Catholic schools and private industry. VETnetwork develops links with peak education and training bodies, industry groups, universities and government departments.


    The Vocational Education and Training Industry Group (VETIG)

    VETIG is a community of experienced, professional vocational education practitioners. Their community aims to work together to develop a culture of professionalism that expands their capabilities to develop new practices, network across traditional boundaries in the VET industry, accept mutual responsibility for sharing quality information, insights and practices and also connect, support and challenge VET professionals to solve problems and answer questions. VETIG is committed to developing exceptionally high performing practices in training and assessment for Vocational Training and Assessment Professionals.


    Australian College of Educators

    The Australian College of Educators represents educators across all sectors. Their members have made a commitment to the profession and to their own professional growth and development, achieved by coming together and engaging with colleagues in a variety of professional activities focused on hot topics of the day as well as ongoing educational issues.


    Institute of Senior Educational Administrators of NSW

    The Institue of Senior Educational Administrators (ISEA) of NSW has been in existence since 1914. Its objective is to represent and support its members, as well as work with the Department of Education and Training in NSW to support and promote public schooling. ISEA membership includes people from many levels and positions within the Department of Education and Training in NSW.


    VISTA Association of VET Professionals – Vic

    The VISTA Association of VET Professionals is an organisation for VET professionals. Membership with VISTA offers professional development opportunities to support the skills and career direction of VET practitioners, information & support services, advocacy in the VET industry and networking opportunities. VISTA is committed to raising the status of the VET profession within the community.



    VET Associations for Registered Training Organisation

    TAFE Directors Australia (TDA)

    TAFE Directors Australia is the peak national body created to represent the 61 government owned Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes and university TAFE divisions in Australia, as well as the Australia-Pacific Technical College (APTC). TDA’s core business is supporting member institutions, managing a range of international education and training projects in conjunction with member institutes and leading the advocacy for quality skills & training in Australia.


    Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET)

    The Australian Council for Private Education and Training is a national industry association for providers of post-compulsory education and training for Australian and international students. ACPET member institutions can be providers of higher education, vocational education and training, English language courses, senior secondary studies and foundation studies. The organisation is active in developing policy and submissions to government and other bodies on behalf of their members.


    The Enterprise Registered Training Organisation Association (ERTOA)

    The Enterprise Registered Training Organisation Association is a national association created to represent and support businesses operating registered training organisations under the Australian Vocational Education and Training Framework.



    VET Associations for Vocational Education Research

    Australian Vocational Education and Training Association (AVETRA)

    The Australian Vocational Education and Training Association is the only national, independent association of researchers in vocational education and training. AVETRA is committed to independently reviewing VET research practices, promoting independent and significant research into VET, promoting training in research methods for people working in the VET sector, providing platforms to distribute research findings and furthering the contribution of VET research to the development of Australian VET policy.



    International VET Associations

    International Vocational Education and Training Association (IVETA)

    The International Vocational Education and Training Association is an organisation representing a network of vocational training organisations, vocational educators, business and industrial firms and other individuals or groups interested and involved in vocational education and training worldwide. IVETA is dedicated to the provision and advancement of high quality vocational education and training wherever it exists or is needed.


    The International Education Association of Australia (IEAA)

    The International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) is Australia’s leading international education and professional organisation. It is committed to enhancing the quality and status of Australian international education by promoting international education within Australia and internationally, and by serving the professional needs and interests of its members.


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