Scholarships, Grants, Awards and Study Assistance in Australia

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    Find out what scholarships, grants, and study assistance you can get in Australia

    National Scholarships, Grants, Awards and Study Assistance

    Australians are fortunate to enjoy a high level of scholarships, awards, grants and other support to achieve our educational goals. Knowing where and when you can apply for and claim these benefits isn’t always so easy. To help you find your scholarship, grant, award or other benefits, we’ve compiled a list of just some of the programs on offer. Check out these resources because you could be eligible to receive payments, special training opportunities, income support, concessions and other forms of assistance to complete your education and training.



    Centrelink offers a range of payments, concessions and services to people who are studying and should be the first place most people look for education assistance. Payments and services include income support while studying, assistance with childcare, low income health care cards, fares allowance and a range of other benefits.

    Self-Education Tax Deductions

    A number of self-education expenses can be claimed as tax deductions. Your training needs to meet certain conditions – primarily that the training is directly related to your current employment, or you are receiving a taxable bonded scholarship.

    Study Assist

    Study Assist provides information for students about assistance from the Australian Government for financing tertiary study. This includes HECS-HELP, student income support and scholarships and awards.

    Australia Awards

    International scholarships and fellowships funded by the Australian Government. These awards provide opportunities for study, research and professional development for international students aiming to become the next generation of global leaders.

    Department of Industry Student Support Programs

    Information about scholarships, income support and other initiatives offered by the government to help support students as they undertake higher education in Australia.

    myfuture Awards and Scholarships Database

    The myfuture Awards and Scholarships Database is a search engine for awards and scholarships in Australia. You can filter by your field of study, level of study, region, type of support you’re looking for and whether you’re financially disadvantaged, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and a range of other circumstances.


    Non-profit & Professional Organisations

    Nursing Scholarships (RCNA)

    The Australian College of Nursing hosts information about a range of scholarships available to nurses, midwives, and midwifery and nursing students in Australia. There are a range of scholarships for studying to specialise in aged care nursing, nursing and allied health, emergency departments, Aboriginal medical services and for other areas.

    Rural Australia Medical Undergraduate Scholarship (RAMUS)

    Assists selected students with a rural background to study medicine at university. Selection of scholarship recipients is also based on financial need and demonstrated commitment to working in rural Australia in the future.

    Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH)

    This program helps health professionals and those wanting to become health professionals with a range of scholarships and support to train and practice in geographic regions and clinical areas of need.

    Australian Scholarships Group

    This not-for-profit organisation helps parents plan, save and pay for their children’s education.


    JASON is a search engine and postgraduate scholarship database for Australia. It includes scholarships available to Australian students wanting to study within Australia or abroad. It also includes scholarships available to international students wanting to study in Australia.


    State and Territory Scholarships, Grants, Awards and Assistance

    There are also many awards and opportunities offered in each state and territory.


    Textbook and Resources Allowance

    Queensland’s Department of Education, Training and Employment provides assistance to parents of second school age students attending state and approved non-state schools. The allowance is to help pay the cost of textbooks and learning resources.

    Scholarships and Awards

    DETE QLD maintains a list of scholarships and awards available in Queensland for school leavers, post-graduate students, departmental employees and employees in the early childhood education and care sector.


    Education Maintenance Allowance

    Victoria’s Education Maintenance Allowance is available to low income families to provide assistance with the costs associated with educating their children. Applications for EMA are submitted directly to schools by parents and guardians.

    Student Scholarships

    A group of approximately 35 scholarships (equating to 250 scholarship awards) administered by Victoria’s Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Scholarships are available for primary, secondary and tertiary students and have a range of different criteria based on each award.

    New South Wales

    Student Assistance Scheme

    The New South Wales Student Assistance Scheme provides funding to government schools to assist families with school related expenses such as excursions, textbooks and uniforms. Parents or guardians should apply to their children’s school principal to receive assistance under this scheme.

    Nursing and Midwifery Scholarships

    A number of nursing and midwifery scholarships available for undergraduate and postgraduate study, and to help previously registered or enrolled nurses re-enter the NSW public health system.

    Teaching Scholarships

    A large number of scholarships available to help students train as teachers in a variety of fields such as mathematics, science (physics), English, special education and technological and applied studies. Some scholarships are exclusively for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students.

    Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Scholarships and Grants

    The RAS Foundation provides a variety of scholarships and grants to help rural Australians pursue their education, realise their ambitions and contribute back to their community.

    Public Education Foundation Scholarships

    Scholarships for high school students in New South Wales designed to enrich the education of students in public schools and complement the work of teachers.

    South Australia

    School Card Scheme

    South Australia’s School Card Scheme provides help with educational expenses for low income families in South Australia. Assistance is available for students attending government and non-government schools.

    Government of South Australia Scholarship Page

    The Government of South Australia offers information about a range of scholarships to help Indigenous students, provide assistance for people with special needs, international students, for university study and other forms of assistance for students and their families.

    StudyAdelaide Scholarship Page

    This site provides information about a range of scholarships available to South Australians planning to pursue undergraduate or post graduate study.

    Western Australia

    Secondary Assistance Scheme

    Western Australia’s Secondary Assistance Scheme is available to parents or independent secondary students who have an eligible concession card. The scheme includes two allowances. An Education Program Allowance that is paid to the school the student attends, and a Clothing Allowance that can be paid to the school, parent or independent student.

    Northern Territory

    Student Assistance Schemes

    The Northern Territory’s Student Assistance Scheme is available to help with the cost of educating children living in isolated areas. There are allowances and claims available to help with travel and boarding, correspondence schooling, fares and a variety of other situations.

    Grants, Funding and Scholarships

    Directory of grants, funding and scholarships available in the Northern Territory for vocational education and training, university study, and a range of other areas  such as art, enterprise and the environment. These also include funds to help not-for-profit long day care services upgrade and subsidise early childhood education and care services.


    Student Assistance Scheme

    Tasmania’s Student Assistance Scheme is available to help low-income families with the cost of school levies. Full time students attending government or registered non-government schools may be eligible for this program.

    Awards and Scholarships for Students

    A list of scholarships and competitions available for Tasmanian high school and university students, including Secondary Music Scholarships, the Alma Lily Stackhouse Scholarship, the Frank MacDonald Memorial Prize and the Ray Richardson Tasmanian University Scholarship in Education.

    Australian Capital Territory

    Secondary Bursary Scheme

    The Australian Capital Territory’s Secondary Bursary Scheme helps families with education expenses for students in years 7-10 and the Student Support Fund programs. It is available to eligible low income families in the ACT for students studying full time in a public school, non-government school, at Canberra Institute of Technology or who have been approved for home schooling.

    Midwifery and Nursing Scholarships

    Australian Capital Territory Health provides scholarships to assist with further education, travel and other forms of professional develop for nurses and midwifes in the ACT.

    Other Financial Assistance Guides

    There are too many scholarships and assistance programs to list!

    This list barely scratches the surface of scholarships and awards offered by many educational institutions, governments, businesses, TAFEs, universities, non-profit organisations and foundations across Australia. Start looking and you’ll find one that can help you. These websites below are a great place to start, or just search the web for scholarships in your particular field of interest.

    Australian Government Job Guide site: Assistance from Australian Government

    Australian Government myfuture site: Financial Support

    QLD Government’s Education Queensland site: Financial Assistance


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