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10 Steps to Become Successful At Studying Productively

0 Comments   Posted: 31/05/14   by Inspire Media

    Many young people do not fully understand the implications of getting educated. While some would say that knowledge is power, access to it does not always translate to its effective use. Any person can gain knowledge through different channels but there is still no better source of quality information such as schools. It is true Read the full post

    Professional Development Goals [INFOGRAPHIC]

    0 Comments   Posted: 21/06/13   by Inspire Media

      Professional Development – Why You Need It! Most of us will need to do professional development throughout our careers. Professional development plans are an incredibly valuable tool to help you get ahead in your current job and are a fast-track to getting the job of your dreams! Check out our Professional Development INFOGRAPHIC and get Read the full post

      Part 3 Distance Learning: Top 21 FREE Online Learning Courses

      2 Comments   Posted: 06/06/13   by Inspire Media

        Top 21 Free Online Courses Part 3

        Welcome to Part 3 of the Top 21 FREE Online Learning Courses series (don’t forget Part 1 and Part 2)! This post will look at the final seven free courses online >>> Udemy, Free-Ed, Webcast Berkeley, Capilano University, Learning Space: The Open University, USQ Open Courseware and Open Culture. 15. Free Courses Online: Udemy Udemy is Read the full post

        Part 2 Distance Learning: Top 21 FREE Online Learning Courses

        1 Comment   Posted: 06/06/13   by Inspire Media

          Study with the Top 21 FREE Online Learning Courses

          Wanting to study a distance learning course but want to do it for FREE?! Well you have come to the right place! Welcome to Part 2 of the Top 21 FREE Online Learning Courses, courses 8-14. If you missed Part 1, be sure to check it out >>>Part 1 Distance Learning – Top 21 FREE Read the full post

          Part 1 Distance Learning: Top 21 FREE Online Learning Courses

          2 Comments   Posted: 06/06/13   by Inspire Media

            Distance Learning: Top 21 FREE Online Learning Courses

            So you want to study an online course but don’t want to pay the fee? Don’t sweat – we’ve compiled a list of 21 online learning courses and online universities (in no particular order)! Also, if you missed it, don’t forget to read Part 2 FREE Online Learning: Courses 8-14. Now you can study a Read the full post

            Online Study Myths and Misconceptions Busted [INFOGRAPHIC]

            1 Comment   Posted: 04/06/13   by Inspire Media


              Top 5 Myths and Misconceptions Of Online Study Check out the full myth buster article by clicking here.   Share this Infographic on your site by copying and pasting the following: <p>This infographic was made by Inspire Education.</p> <p><a href=’’><img src=’’ alt=’Online Study Myths And Misconceptions Busted [INFOGRAPHIC]’ width=’660px’ border=’0′ /></a></p> <p>  

              Vocational Education and Training Professional Associations

              0 Comments   Posted: 24/05/13   by William Cowie

                See which Vocational Education and Training Organization represents you in Australia and worldiwde

                If you’re a professional in the Australian vocational training industry, or wider education industry, you might be looking for an association that can represent you and/or your training organisation in the VET community. Many associations also offer other significant benefits to their members, such networking opportunities, professional development services, training & education, conferences, and more. Read the full post

                Create a professional development plan for your personal success

                2 Comments   Posted: 24/05/13   by Inspire Media

                  How to Create a Professional Development Plan for your Success

                  By William Cowie Do you need to work on your professional development goals? Not all careers require you to actively pursue professional development. Some careers have specific parameters that need to be met. People working in fields like law, medicine, nursing and veterinary practice often need to create a professional development plan and maintain a Read the full post

                  5 Tips To Networking Like A PRO!!

                  0 Comments   Posted: 06/05/13   by Inspire Media

                    5 Steps To Networking Like A PRO

                    So you want to learn how to network like a pro? It’s not hard; you can make it happen by following these 5 networking tips! Networking Tip #1: Ask Yourself “Why” You Want To Network The first professional networking tip is to ask yourself why you want (or need) to network. Networking is more than Read the full post

                    Inspire Education’s Resume Template

                    4 Comments   Posted: 20/03/13   by Inspire Media

                      Improve Your Resume with these Resume Tips and Template

                      Want to know how to write a resume? Well you’ve come to the right place! Below you can find Inspire’s resume template, which provides a great resume layout as well as including awesome resume writing tips! Remember: While Inspire has provided a resume template below, be sure to tailor the resume to your own skills Read the full post

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